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Students in kindergarten through the 6th grade receive art instruction as an enrichment class. Art classes are designed to incoporate hands-on activities and projects that allow students to master the use of age appropriate art materials and tools. Activities and projects include units in drawing, painting, weaving, color concepts, clay play, trash art, and many more. Students are encouraged to explore new ideas, expand their creativity, and develop self-confidence in their individual abilities. Our goal is to develop group cooperation, hone fine motor skills. improve art skills, foster an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts, and provide a safe place for students to express themselves artistically in an environment of acceptance

Nancy Popkes - Art Teacher

Nancy Popkes is in her 10th year as Art teacher at St. Alban's. She’s been a part of the St. Alban's family for 18 years, first as a parent and 3 years as a substitute teacher. Nancy is a self-taught Art teacher and has a passion for Art. She’s taken many Art classes and served on the Board of Directors of an Art Center prior to moving to Texas. Nancy was a Girl Scout leader at St Albans for 5 years and a registered member with the Boy Scouts of America for 14 years. She loves gardening, nature, antiques and traveling. Nancy is married to Larry Popkes and they have 2 children, Bradley and Larissa, both graduates of St Albans. Nancy’s home state is Iowa and she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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