Religious Studies

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Religious Life

The relationship between St. Alban’s Episcopal Church and School is unique and powerful.  Founded as an outreach of of the church in 1948,  the School has grown from a nurturing preschool to a fully accredited Toddler - 6th grade program.  The church and school share space and are committed to mutual and shared ministry and accountability.   The Head of School and Rector are committed to working side by side for the greatest good of the Church and School, to the glory of God, encouraging by word and example, habits of good communication, mutual respect and trustworthy collaboration, striving to be faithful stewards of finances, facilities and people, and engaging in ministry together for the sake of the shared mission of the Church and School community.

St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School is serious in its religious instruction. Formal religion classes are offered at each grade level and the School emphasizes its Episcopal Identity through regular chapel services. All members of our community are encouraged to participate in the corporate worship to the best of their ability, regardless of their faith background. Approximately 25% of All Saints' families identify themselves as Episcopal, but all students, parents and faculty are expected to respect our commitment to maintaining these principles.

Students (Toddlers through 6th grade) are given the opportunity to exercise servant leadership in our chapel services, which are patterned after the liturgies in the Book of Common Prayer.  Older students read the scriptures and offer the prayers and all students have the opportunity to serve as offertory helpers.  Each week, one class is charged with helping to lead chapel and present the weekly lesson.

Mrs. Uhlhorn's Religious Studies


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