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Diana Garcia-Otting is our Spanish teacher.  St. Alban's offers Spanish classes to students in grades 2 - 6. In the early grades, the curriculum emphasizes vocabulary building, language and pronunciation, recognition of letters, numbers, colors and shapes, and conversation. By fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, students begin to learn the rules of grammar in both writing and speaking, along with the continued accumulation of vocabulary and practice of conversation. Students use dialogue, song, stories, and visual aids in the learning and practice of the new language.

We use the curriculum, Santillana, a comprehensive second language program for speakers of Spanish as a second language. According to the program objectives, the aim of Santillana is to introduce students to Hispanic culture, to foster a positive attitude toward language learning, and to provide a solid foundation for basic communication skills.

The goal of the program is to make second language learning a positive experience for all students in a comfortable and non-threatening environment while emphasizing the importance of the acquisition of multiple languages in today's global society.

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