Administrative Staff

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Administrative Staff


Mary Katherine Duffy
Head of School



Amy Harrington
Business Manager

Tracy Lamon
Director of
Academics and Instruction

Cindy Hardwich
Administrative Assistant

Kellye Graham Ray
School Nurse

Administrative Staff Bio's

Administrative Staff Bio's

Mary Katherine Duffy has been the Head of School at St. Alban’s for 15 years. Prior to coming to St. Alban's, she taught four years at Harlingen High School. Mary Katherine has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Texas Tech University and a Master’s Degree in Land Economics and Real Estate from Texas A&M University. She is Texas State certified to teach Business Administration (6-12) and Special Education (6-12). Mary Katherine has been married to Bryan Duffy for almost 25 years and they have two children, Clara (19) and Hayes (17). She is an active member of St. Alban's Episcopal Church and has served in leadership positions in a number of community organizations including The Algodon Club and Youth Leadership Harlingen.  She is also a sustaining member of the Junior League of Harlingen.  Mary Katherine currently serves the Diocese of West Texas as the chairman of the Episcopal Schools Commission and a member of the Standing Committee.  She serves the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) as member of the Executive Board as well as a member of the Standards Committee.

Tracy Lamon is in her 9th year as Assistant Head of School at St. Alban's. Prior to this position, she served as a 5th/6th-grade Teacher for two years and the Enrichment Coordinator for two years. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science in Education with a specialization in reading from Stephen F. Austin University and a Teaching Certificate K-8. Tracy is married to Michael Lamon and has two children, Hunter (16) and Lilly (10). She has served in leadership positions in a number of community organizations including Gladys Porter Zoo Board of Directors, The Algodon Club, The American Heart Association, and the Valley Baptist Foundation Board of Directors.

Kellye Graham Ray, School Nurse, is in her 4th year at St. Alban’s. Kellye received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the University of Texas at Austin in 1981. She has nursing experience in both hospital and clinic settings. She has worked in Neurology, Intensive Care, Ophthalmologic Surgery and in the Legal field as a Nurse Paralegal. Kellye grew up attending St. Alban’s Episcopal Church. She and her husband Barry have four children, Wesley, Matt, Ashley, and Amber.

Cindy Hardwich is in her 6th year at St. Alban's.  This year she is joining the administrative staff.  She earned her C.D.A. in March, 2012.  Cindy is married to Matt and has a daughter named Makayla. Makayla will be in the 4rd grade at St. Alban’s and loves to read. Cindy is a member of S.M.A.Y.E.C. and other Education Organizations.  Their family loves fishing and doing outdoor activities together.

Amy Harrington is in her 28th year at St. Alban’s. Amy is a graduate of Texas Southmost College. She is married to John Harrington and has two children who are both graduates of St. Alban’s: Matthew, who attended the United States Naval Academy and is now a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy; and Andrew, who attended Baylor University and the University of Kansas School of Law and is now a professor at Texas A+M University - Corpus Christi. Amy’s family is rounded out with 2 grandchildren: Mason and Charlotte; and a myriad of pets. Amy’s passion is animals; specifically dog rescue.

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