Academic Philosophy

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St. Alban's Academic Philosophy

Parents and students at St. Alban’s Day School are committed to learning at the highest level.  They have a desire and ability to undertake challenging curriculum, perform with distinction at the secondary level, and strive to be productive citizens within the school and the world at large. 

Beginning at 15 months old, our academic philosophy is a “whole child” approach.  Our early childhood program is based upon children’s interests, past experiences, and developmental levels.  Classrooms is divided into learning centers (i.e. blocks, art, reading, dramatic play, table games, science, computers and math).  This allows the child to explore, create, experiment, and discover.  The centers provide many opportunities for the child to practice new skills and to make choices and decisions within a framework of cooperative responsibility.  This will ensure that each child is successful, enjoys learning, and takes pride in his/her accomplishments.  Centers also allow for more individualized instruction which is at the heart of our early childhood program.

This philosophy continues into Grades 1-6, where we strive to offer a 21st century learning approach - where teachers are facilitators, presenting subjects as part of a broader picture of the human experience.  Technology is a priority and students are not only taught how to use the technology but how to incorporate it into their daily learning.  Teachers strive to not just give their students information, but to train them to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills, giving students the habit and discipline of self-education.  

Service learning and spiritual formation is at the heart of what St. Alban’s is all about.  Religious life and community service are incorporated daily through chapel and religion classes and students are challenged to develop clear moral standards - preparing them for the choices and responsibilities that face them in a free society.

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