Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Staff

Mary Katherine Duffy
Head of School

Tracy Lamon
Assistant Head of School

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Mary De La Rosa
Toddler's Teacher

Melissa Garcia
Toddler Aide

Maria Uribe
2's Teacher

Rebecca Wilson
2's Teacher

Rosa Sanchez
2's Aide

Sylvia Gurerro
2's Aide

Lucy Rod Ybarra
3's Teacher

Irma Puente
3's Teacher

Mari Guillen
3's Aide

Stephanie Valdez
4's Teacher

Randa Stanton
4's Aide

Kimberly Sanchez
4's Teacher

Debbie Alcocer
4's Aide

Brooke Newman
Kindergarten Teacher

Whitney Swanberg
Kindergarten Teacher

Christi Garza
Kinder Aide

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Early Childhood - Staff Bio's

Administrative Staff

Mary Katherine Duffy has been the Head of School at St. Alban’s for 15 years. Prior to coming to St. Alban's, she taught four years at Harlingen High School. Mary Katherine has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Texas Tech University and a Master’s Degree in Land Economics and Real Estate from Texas A&M University. She is Texas State certified to teach Business Administration (6-12) and Special Education (6-12). Mary Katherine has been married to Bryan Duffy for almost 25 years and they have two children, Clara (19) and Hayes (17). She is an active member of St. Alban's Episcopal Church and has served in leadership positions in a number of community organizations including The Algodon Club and Youth Leadership Harlingen.  She is also a sustaining member of the Junior League of Harlingen.  Mary Katherine currently serves the Diocese of West Texas as the chairman of the Episcopal Schools Commission and a member of the Standing Committee.  She serves the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) as member of the Executive Board as well as a member of the Standards Committee.

Tracy Lamon is in her 9th year as Assistant Head of School at St. Alban's. Prior to this position, she served as a 5th/6th-grade Teacher for two years and the Enrichment Coordinator for two years. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science in Education with a specialization in reading from Stephen F. Austin University and a Teaching Certificate K-8. Tracy is married to Michael Lamon and has two children, Hunter (16) and Lilly (10). She has served in leadership positions in a number of community organizations including Gladys Porter Zoo Board of Directors, The Algodon Club, The American Heart Association, and the Valley Baptist Foundation Board of Directors.

Cindy Hardwich is in her 6th year at St. Alban's.  This year she is joining the administrative staff.  She earned her C.D.A. in March, 2012.  Cindy is married to Matt and has a daughter named Makayla. Makayla will be in the 4rd grade at St. Alban’s and loves to read. Cindy is a member of S.M.A.Y.E.C. and other Education Organizations.  Their family loves fishing and doing outdoor activities together.


Mary De La Rosa is in her eighth year with St. Alban's. She has, however, worked with preschool-age children for 21 years, and she has received a C.D.A. (Child Development Associate) degree. Mary is married to Valente and has two children, Natasha (25), who has graduated from college, and Nethaneel (21), who is in his fourth year in college.

Melissa Garcia, toddler teacher's aide and day care teacher, is in her 7th year at St. Alban's  She has been married for 22 years and has 3 children.  Melissa enjoys reading, cooking, and shopping.


Maria Uribe is in her 6th year here at St.Alban’s.  Maria graduated from Edcouch Elsa High School and recently earned her C.D.A. in August 2012.  Prior to coming to St.Alban’s she was a Teacher at Wesley Pre-school for four and a half years and also was a Substitute Teacher for grades Pre-K - 5th with the HCISD. Maria has 3 daughters,1 married and living in Dallas, the other 2 living at home.  She now has a grandchild Theodore “Jellybean” Rosales.  Her favorite hobbies have always been family oriented activities such as cooking, baking, fishing, camping, and generally anything that involves family interaction.

Rebecca Wilson is new to the StA community, having just moved to Harlingen last fall.  She began subbing at various preschools in Harlingen through which she found a love of teaching young preschoolers.  She brings a variety of gifts and talents to our two year old program.  Rebecca is married to Joe Wilson and has one child, Levi, who will be in the Pre K program.

Rosa Sanchez, is in her 13th year at St. Alban’s and is now a Kindergarten aide. She is married to Alex and has three children. Melissa lives in Chicago, Alex Jr. works for the border patrol, and Gina is a Navy girl and will be living in Washington state with her husband Alex. Rosa is also a proud grandmother to and active 4 year old, Alex III.

Sylvia Guerrero,  3-year-old teacher aide and After the Bell teacher, is in her 14 year at St. Alban’s. She is married to Richard  Guerrero and has two children Diego and Lorena. Sylvia’s both children are alumni students from St. Alban’s Day School.


Lucy Rod-Ybarra, three-year-old teacher and daycare teacher, is in her 33rd year at St. Alban's. She has a total of 38 years experience in preschool and has earned her C.D.A. (Child Development Associate). Lucy has one daughter, Claudia. She is a senior at A&M Kingsville.  Mark Ybarra came into their lives 13 yrs ago and Ms.Rod married him this November.Yogi Bear is their precious dog.

Irma Puente, three-year-old teacher, is in her 13th year at St. Alban's. She has earned her C.D.A. (Child Development Associate). Irma is married to Martin and has two children, Martin Jr. and Marcus. She is now a proud grandmother to Ian Matthew Puente (3 year old) and Mia Elizabeth Puente (6 months). She is a member of SMAYEC and M.A.D.D.

Mari Guillen,aide for our 3-year-old class, is in her 13th year at St. Alban's.  She has earned her C.D.A. since 2011. She is married to her husband, Victor Guillen Jr., and has one child, Victoria Guillen. Mari has been a co-leader for Girl Scouts for 7 years. She serves as a bible school teacher at her church in Valley Praise Methodist Church. She loves spending time with her family!


Stephanie Valdez St. Alban's welcomes the return of Stephanie Valdez as a teacher for our 4-year-olds, this will be her fourth year at St. Alban’s. She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education with Certification in Early Childhood through 6th grade from Texas State University in San Marcos. She has taught in public and private schools for a total of seven years. She has been married to her husband Michael for four and a half years. She has a son named Sean who attends St. Alban’s in the two year old classroom. Stephanie loves working with the preschoolers as well as spending time with her family here in the Valley and San Antonio. She loves going to the movies, reading and traveling each summer.

Randa Staton, aide for pre-k 4's, is in her 6th year of service to St. Alban’s, although she has a total of 14 years experience in the field of education. Randa is currently working on her Bachelor's in Education. Randa is married to Gil Staton and their daughter, Lyla, is currently enrolled in the Kindergarten program here at St Alban's.

Kimberly Sanchez has been at St. Alban's for three years and has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Texas at Brownsville. Ms. Kimberly taught PreK two years ago and spent last year working as a teaching assistant to Mrs. Wilson. She has one child, Nick, who will be in 4th grade at StA.

Debbie Alcocer is a teacher’s assistant in Kinder and is in her 7th year at St. Alban's. She earned her C.D.A. in March, 2012. Debbie is married to Julian and their daughter, Grace, is a student at St. Alban's. Debbie enjoys going to the movies and reading.is a teacher’s assistant in Kinder and is in her 6th year at St. Alban's. She earned her C.D.A. in March, 2012. Debbie is married to Julian and their daughter, Grace, is a student at St. Alban's. Debbie enjoys going to the movies and reading.


Brooke Newman, Kindergarten teacher, is in her 10th year at St. Alban's Episcopal Day School. Prior to coming here, Brooke taught 3rd grade for five years. She has a Bachelor of Elementary Education from Abilene Christian University and an Elementary Teaching Certificate (PK-6th). Brooke is married to Ryan Newman and has two children, Nate and Adeline. She is an active member of St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

Whitney Swanberg has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.   She grew up in Harlingen and has spent the last two years working as a parent educator for Easter Seals.  She is married to Zachary Swanberg

Toddler's - Kindergarten

The purpose of education is to help guide children in proper growth - academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Our curricula are designed to create an exciting learning environment organized around major concepts and skills.  The curriculum at St. Alban's Episcopal Day School is based upon children’s interests, past experiences, and developmental levels.  Each classroom is divided into learning centers (i.e. blocks, art, reading, dramatic play, table games, science, computers and math).  This allows the child to explore, create, experiment, and discover. The centers provide many opportunities for the child to practice new skills and to make choices and decisions within a framework of cooperative responsibility.  This will ensure that each child is successful, enjoys learning, and takes pride in his/her accomplishments.  Centers also allow for more individualized instruction which is at the heart of our preschool program.  

3K - 4K programs are theme based and begin the introduction of Everyday Mathematics, Harcourt Reading and Handwriting without Tears.

Our Kindergarten curriculum is also taught through learning centers as well as the following programs:

  • Harcourt Reading
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Writing Academy
  • The McGraw Hill Companies SRA "Everyday Mathematics"
  • Harcourt Science Activity Books
  • Social Studies is based on the letter of the week, current events, and seasonal activities.

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