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Why Give?

Why Give?

Founded in 1948, St. Alban’s Episcopal Day School was built on a foundation of giving.  Our founders were generous people – mothers, fathers, grandparents, church members – who started small, but who thought big.   St. Alban’s has grown from a stand alone preschool to a fully accredited preschool and elementary school that is a leader in the Harlingen academic community.   The only way to ensure excellence both now and for the future is to sustain this culture of giving.

Your investment in our school can be measured by the many successes of our students in academics, athletics, fine arts and community service.  We hope you will support our annual fundraising efforts, the Promise Fund and TTT, as well as our capital campaign, Imagine More!

While your children are at St. Alban’s,  we encourage you to make our school a giving priority. This is a rare opportunity to invest in our students' education now and to touch the lives of many children far into the future.  It is the generosity of the those who went before us that allows your children to be a part of this community today!

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Promise Fund

Each year parents, alumni, and friends are asked to make charitable gifts to St. Alban’s Promise Fund. These contributions supplement tuition income and enable the school to meet its annual operating expenses. The 2017-18 Promise Fund goal is $100,000.

Tuition covers approximately 85% of the actual cost of a student’s education at St. Alban’s.

Your tax deductible contribution helps us meet today's costs, which include faculty salaries, innovative programs, classroom supplies, enrichment subjects, and much more. The Promise Fund helps St. Alban’s attract and retain a talented and committed faculty and keeps an StA education affordable for a wider range of families.

Please visit Promise Fund 101 for more information.

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