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Donate to St. Alban's Promise Fund Today!!!

2016-2017 Promise Fund

The purpose of the St. Alban's Promise Fund is to make the St. Alban's education the best it can possibly be for our deserving students.  This important annual fundraiser supports every aspect of the school's operations; from financial aid to faculty salaries and professional development to the academic and extracurricular activities to the maintenance of buildings and grounds.  The Promise Fund is one of only two fundraisers that parents support each year (the other being TTT in April).

Each year parents, alumni, parents of alumni, and friends are asked to make charitable gifts to St. Alban's Promise Fund. These contributions supplement tuition income and enable the school to meet its annual operating expenses. The 2016-17 Promise Fund goal of $90,000 comprises approximately 4% of the operating budget.

Last year this community raised over $95,000!

Tuition covers only 85% of the actual cost of a student's education at St. Alban's. That's right!  Current cost to operate our program is about $7,800 per student.  Thus, every St. Alban's student benefits from gifts to the Promise Fund and receives a hidden financial aid award of approximately $1,020. This amount is the difference between tuition ($6,780) and the true cost of educating each student ($7,800).


The Promise Fund Drive runs from June 1st through May 31st (our fiscal year).

Your tax deductible contribution helps us meet today's costs, which include faculty salaries, innovative programs, classroom supplies, enrichment subjects, and much more. The Promise Fund helps St. Alban’s attract and retain a talented and committed faculty and keeps an StA education affordable for a wider range of families.

Please visit Promise Fund 101 for more information.

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